Éclairs - Hazelnut & Chocolate

After the Pistachio Éclairs, here is something for hazelnut lovers, from talented chef Jaim's Kitchen. created lovingly for us...

When Cigdem suggested hazelnut éclairs the first thought that came to mind was a hazelnut whipping ganache. I have been using WhyNut hazelnut paste in my ‘noisettes’ truffles and knew they worked beautifully in ganaches. Finding the perfect chocolate and balance of cream proved slightly trickier than I had thought. Personally I adore very dark chocolates, but our first take with 65% Madagascan dark chocolate was a little too much. In the end we found the perfect match in flavour and texture with a 33% milk chocolate. This ganache is light, delicious, and I think best highlights the lush flavours of WhyNut’s hazelnut paste. Plus it can also be used as icing on a cake – a definite winner in my books!

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