January 12, 2015


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Éclairs - Hazelnut & Chocolate

After the Pistachio Éclairs, here is something for hazelnut lovers, from talented chef Jaim's Kitchen. created lovingly for us...

When Cigdem suggested hazelnut éclairs the first thought that came to mind was a hazelnut whipping ganache. I have been using WhyNut hazelnut paste in my ‘noisettes’ truffles and knew they worked beautifully in ganaches. Finding the perfect chocolate and balance of cream proved slightly trickier than I had thought. Personally I adore very dark chocolates, but our first take with 65% Madagascan dark chocolate was a little too much. In the end we found the perfect match in flavour and texture with a 33% milk chocolate. This ganache is light, delicious, and I think best highlights the lush flavours of WhyNut’s hazelnut paste. Plus it can also be used as icing on a cake – a definite winner in my books!

Ingredients - For the Choux Pastry
See recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Profiteroles*
 50 ml full fat milk
80 ml water
50 g unsalted butter, cubed
2 tsp caster sugar
125 g strong white flour
3 medium free range eggs 
*Method as shown in recipe with additional tips below:
  • Instead of a round nozzle, I used a Matfer PF16 Petit Four Nozzle, if you can't get hold of that, this would also do
  • Fit piping bag with nozzle and fill bag with choux pastry.
  • For small éclairs as shown in this recipe, pipe 8 cm tubes leaving a 2 inch gap between each éclair.
  • Once the éclairs are baked, pierce each one with 2-3 holes at the bottom to let steam out.
Ingredients - Hazelnut and Chocolate Whipping Ganache      
200 g good quality 33% milk chocolate
350 g double cream
35 g WhyNut hazelnut paste 


  • Measure milk chocolate into a heat proof bowl.
  •  Bring the double cream to boil and pour over the milk chocolate, whisking until smooth and glossy. Leave to cool at room temperature.
  •  Once the ganache has cooled, place in the fridge to chill until firm; whisking 2 – 3 times in between.
  •  Transfer the ganache into a mixing bowl of your stand mixer, and whisk to soft medium peaks. Or alternatively whisk with a hand beater to the same consistency. 
  •  Fit the piping bag with a small round or star nozzle to fill the éclairs.

 Ingredients - Chantilly Cream

150 g double cream
150 ml whipping cream
25 g icing  
  • Whipped all three ingredients to medium peaks; fit piping bag with a D7 or Wilton 1M nozzle anfd pipe in upright circular motion for the piping design shown in these photos.


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