August 01, 2014


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Éclairs - Pistachio

Éclairs are the new cupcakes! They are wonderfully versatile; with our choux recipe from here you can get creative with a variety of fillings and edible decorations. This recipe for pistachio éclairs uses a rich pastry cream folded with whipped chantilly cream and exquisite WhyNut green pistachio paste. The natural green pistachios give both the filling as well as fondant glaze a lovely pastel shade of green without any addition of artificial food colouring.We hope you enjoy these as much as we did! The recipe and pictures are by Jaim's Kitchen for WhyNut


Ingredients - For the Choux Pastry

See recipe for Chocolate Hazelnut Profiteroles*

 50 ml full fat milk

80 ml water

50 g unsalted butter, cubed

2 tsp caster sugar

125 g strong white flour

3 medium free range eggs 

*Method as shown in recipe with additional tips below:

  • Instead of a round nozzle, I used a Matfer PF16 Petit Four Nozzle:
  • Fit piping bag with nozzle and fill bag with choux pastry.
  • For small éclairs as shown in this recipe, pipe 8 cm tubes leaving a 2 inch gap between each éclair.
  • Once the éclairs are baked, pierce each one with 2-3 holes at the bottom to let steam out.

Ingredients- Crème Pâtissière

150 g whole milk

3 free range egg yolks

25 g caster sugar

20 g corn flour

½ vanilla pod


  • Combine the egg yolks and caster sugar in a medium bowl and whisk until sugar is dissolved. Then whisk in the flour until well combined.
  • Bring milk and seeds from ½ vanilla pod to boil. You can leave the pod in to infuse, removing it just before adding to the egg yolk mixture.
  • Once the milk comes to boil, whisk half in to the egg mixture stirring constantly. Return mix into the saucepan with remaining milk and cook over a low heat, whisking until the cream thickens. You want this to be a thick pastry cream so that the mixture will hold once we add in the pistachio paste and whipped cream.
  • When the pastry cream thickens, bring the mix to boil for a few seconds and take it off the heat. Tip the cream onto a tray and cling film to touch. This will prevent a skin from forming as the cream cools down.

Ingredients - Pistachio Crème Diplomat

50 g WhyNut green pistachio paste

150 ml whipping cream

10 g icing sugar



  • Once the pastry cream has cooled completely, tip it into a bowl and whisk until the cream is smooth and glossy. Whisk in all of the pistachio paste.
  • Separately whip the cream and icing sugar to a medium firm consistency. Fold half into the pistachio pastry cream until well combined. Repeat with the remaining cream.
  •  Fill a piping bag and cut off only a small section of the tip. Pipe cream to fill each éclair and leave in the fridge to set whilst you prepare the glaze.

Ingredients- Pistachio Fondant

100 g fondant

10 ml water

15 g WhyNut green pistachio paste


  • Warm all ingredients in a heavy bottom saucepan over a very low heat. As the fondant starts to melt, remove it from the stove and stir. Repeat this process until all the fondant has combined with the water and pistachio paste into a smooth mix. Do not overheat the fondant as it will lose its shine.
  • Dip the top of each éclair into the fondant, turn it sideways and tap off any excess with your fingers or the back of a teaspoon. Run your index finger along the side to clean off any excess fondant and leave to set. Once all the éclairs have been glazed return them to the fridge until you are ready to serve.

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